Friday, May 27, 2011

St Paul's...Concert...Ice Cream

Like usual Casmin and I had a lovely sleep in this morning then prepared ourselves for a great day of Camden Market and St. Paul’s Cathedral.  We did not spend much time at Camden because I already knew what I wanted.  I just needed my floral scarves that I found right away but sadly I was not able to barter with the lady.  She had me trying on every scarf I touched.  Then when I asked if she had deals for multiple she said how I knew she was the cheapest price I would find anywhere.  I could not deny that because I had looked at prices everywhere and knew she was cheaper, that’s why I was there.  So I took my beautiful scarves and headed to the tube with Casmin to hurry and meet Amberly at St. Paul’s.  We got there just as she was walking up so it was perfect timing.  St. Paul’s is so simple but beautiful, I know understand why Princess Diana chose to get married there instead of Westminster where all the other royalty have been married.  Looking up in the dome is so beautiful and amazing to think someone was up there painting it.  The crypt was pretty interesting; I especially loved the skulls above the entrance on the way down.  There was a little chapel down there where we saw a couple practicing for their wedding.  I was sitting down at any opportunity, so Casmin and Amberly could tell that I was hungry.  Luckily there was a Café in the crypt so I was able to get a muffin and got more energy.  So we continued our adventure up the 259 stairs to the whispering gallery, where you are only allowed to whisper.  No not really it is called that because the walls talk to you, but only if someone is standing exactly opposite of you and talks to the wall.  The sound will carry up the dome and onto the other side.  Of course we tried it.  Amberly said she could hear a word I said but so many other people were in there it was hard to with everyone talking to the walls.  After a couple hundred more stairs we reached the top of St. Paul’s!!   Such a beautiful view of the city!  The many winding staircases and the short ceilings were totally worth it!  The wind was so strong, no wonder Mary Poppins was able to fly with an umbrella; it all makes sense now.  I would have tried it but I didn’t have mine with me at the time.  Pretty much all in all I would say we climbed 1000 stairs because of the way up and down.  Of course we had to sit on the steps of St. Paul like the lady in Mary Poppins feeding the birds, except you aren’t allowed to feed the birds anymore.  We saw some ruins when we were on top so it was time to see what they were.  It was an old church that only had a few walls and spire left after the Blitz.  It was so interesting because it was black and everything too.  You can look around at old buildings here and see the black and stuff on them and know it is from the war and it is so amazing.  We found a great deal on pizza so bought it and prepared it for a picnic in the park.  We met up with Lauren and Holly as well.  When dinner in the park was finished we realized we needed to go get ice cream, we passed the church and some missionaries on the way and they told us we should go to a concert at the church right then.  When they said it was a viola and a harp we were sold, well maybe because there were going to be free cupcakes as well.  The concert was beautiful; it helped me realize that stories are told through music even if there are no words.  I have never seen or heard a harp solo before and I absolutely loved it.  We had cupcakes after then we were happy because the ice cream place was still open.  It was perhaps some of the best ice cream I have ever had!  They had Fererro Rocher!!  It was dreaminess!!

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