Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Beautiful Day in the Countryside

Today we took a lovely train ride to the cutest little train station in the countryside on our way to the temple.  Let's just say I felt like I was Anne of Green Gables.
This little path went on forever it seemed.  It was so adorable; I loved it!
After an hour train ride we arrived at the Lingfield Station.  We had to wait our turn to ride the taxi to the temple.  It took 2 trips from 3 taxi's to get us all there. 

The landscaping outside this temple is absolutely gorgeous!  It is totally made for wedding pictures.  I think I need to start considering getting married here or at least taking wedding pictures here.  It has a cute river and bridge!  It is like how I would want my dream house to be only maybe not a spire and everything.

I loved this temple trip so much!  It was a different experience than going to the temple in the states especially with their hospitality.  Not saying that we aren't hospitable but they just take special care to every little detail. 
Once we finished in the temple we did some exploring of the grounds and found cute little secret gardens.

These flowers just grow randomly in the grass everywhere!  They are so cute!
O the train ride home Casmin and I were discussing our wonderful experience at the temple and how we know that Heavenly Father must have a sense of humor.  We had a great/fun time!  We ate in the cafeteria and the food was so good and cheap.  Probably the biggest meal I have eaten since I have been here.  It was absolutely divine. 
We had a little bit of a wait for the train to come but we just loved the countryside and the little train station.
Still waiting...
Casmin it's coming!!!
Yay!  We are so excited and ready for the train!
Just a lovely shot out the window of our view.  Welcome to London the Beautiful!

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