Monday, May 2, 2011

A Walk Down Portabello Road

As you might have guessed I never did make it back to sleep after the fire alarm. I got up and made breakfast then tried to sleep for awhile. Let's just say when my alarm went off I was more than ready for my roommates to get up. I told them they must wake up because we had a great day planned: Portabello Road! What a better way to start a Saturday than to walk to and down Portabello Road!! As we walked there we had to walk though Hyde Park, which is pretty much a fairytale land. I have never seen a more amazing park. It has a carousel, adventure land, lake, monuments, the Peter Pan statue and a lot of fun people!

I decided that today was a great day to break in my new sunglasses. The sun quite agreed with me since it was sunny all day long! What better way to spend a sunny day than out with your friends at the park and the street market.

This is exactly the kind of place that I would like to walk to in the morning to have my breakfast. I mean it is just so cute, you know the food has to be delicious.

I saw this car and fell in love! Whoever owns this car has to be one of the coolest people ever! How many people do you know have a PINK car!! Like super cute! This is so my next car!

 On the way to Portabello there were so many cute apartment buildings and places. Like I think I would love to live in a flat like this one. It has a red door! All the doors were a different color! How fun is that!
Once I got to Portabello Road I could not believe how much shopping there was!! and such cute things too!!

  George Orwell's House is right here on Portabello Road amongst the stores. History and shopping!

Okay so I thought the other flat was my favorite but this cute little purple one out does the other. I just can't believe how cute these little places are. I mean imagine what your life would be like living there!

Okay so this Scottish guy was proudly represnting his countrymen by wearing a kilt. He didn't know we all took pictures with him but we just had to. I mean it is not every day you see a man in a skirt.

I love the color of these buildings and how they are just lined up like a rainbow. Who knew that Portabello Road would have so much to take in besides the shopping.

I thought this cute little store was very cute and just fun.

I bought a cute wallet in one of the stores but decided that there was so much cute stuff I needed to think some things through first. We had a great time though looking at what all the stores had. There were lots of antiques and things, especially tea sets.

Casmin and I decided to join the British for afternoon tea.

So as we were walking down the road I cannot explain my excitment when I saw a store window filled with antique Singer sewing machines and realized the whole store was filled with shelves and shelves of them! I just had to go in! One day I need to own one of these cute machines.

Sewing machines these days are just not like what they used to be. I mean I have never seen gold detailing on any sewing machine in JoAnn's.

Or cute flower details. I mean it is lucky if your machine has any decorating, although I do love the easiness and simplicity of our automatic machines.

Portabello Road had a few street performers who were actually quite good. We enjoyed listening to them. This guy was by far my favorite. He sang a song about a first date and it was so cute an dhappy. He even whistled in the song. I mean just looking at him makes you happy! Later I got a delicious ham and cheese sandwich for lunch but I definitely need to go back for a crepe and nutella and a Belgium waffle with chocolate and whip cream. Mmmm!

So I have never seen such a cute Salvation Army. It is so adorable and quaint!After Portabello Road we decided it was time to head back to our lovely little flat. Why walk all the way back though when you can enjoy London's beautiful public transportation so we decided a bus was our best bet. Standing in front of the bus stop I was so excited to see the bus finally coming until it pulled up really close and was inches away from hitting Casmin. The mirror was literally an inch above her head. We quickly boarded and went straight to the second floor. We had to; it was a double decker! You never could guess what happened next...we got lost. There is no better way to explore London than just take the bus and see where you end up.

I mainly took this picture for you dad! I just thought it was a cute little Dentist sign coming off the side of an old building. I was suprised to see there were dentists here because you would not always think so by looking at people's teeth. I mean no offense but they could really use some dental health, well I guess more orthodontic help. I guess they just like clothes more which is kind of understandable.


We decided a picture in the telephone booth was a necessity before our adventure to our flat.

The best part of getting lost this time was that we found a new mall. We decided that you really should have a dog to walk while in London because London is so beautiful in the spring you should be able to stroll the streets with your dog and even go to the very popular Hyde Park. What better way to end the day than by going to The Little Angel's Theatre and seeing The Tempest with puppets! It was so cute! At the beginning a seagull landed on Casmin's head. That had to be one of my favorite parts! I am not going to lie I did have a hard time staying awake, but you really can't blame me since I had been awake since 4am. After the play I made another great discovery in the 24 hour store. I love that store because everything else closes like before 8pm, no joke. But I found Trancetto there! Let's just say that I was very happy and will probably be getting a box a week.

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