Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Lovely Day on High Kensington Street

I do not tend to be a late person but we you are depending on public transportation to get you places it is hard to know timing.  We ended up being on time to our of the National Theatre though so it was all good!  The National Theatre is one of the biggest here and they have a wide variety of plays.  My favorite part was going back stage and seeing the props and sets, and a costume of a dress from My Fair Lady.  It showed the steps of how to make it.  We also found out that most the adults in Harry Potter were in the National Theater Company years ago.  That is something we are learning here.  Actors and actresses are in plays and you can see them everywhere!  After the tour we walked by these little houses of exhibits and there was one with the cutest vintage swimsuits!  I loved one of them!  I can't wait to make swimsuits of my own!  We aslo saw walls covered in graffiti, it was so cool and very appropriate because it was a skate park!  Nathan you would have loved it!  Barely anyone was skateboarding there but they had a lot of cool stuff.
We headed to High Street Kensington for some serious shopping!  Lets just say I am completely in love with stores and clothes here, yet I have the hardest time deciding to buy things.  It took me a week to realize that the bag I saw last week and thought about everyday is something I should buy.  So I did and I LOVE it!!  I found so many wonderful things!!
There was yet another bakery with beautiful food in the window so I just had to get a Pain au Chocolat.  Pretty much the second I put that in my mouth I knew that this was a great day!  I had great clothes,  I was on my way to buy the bag I love and I had just took a bite of a fluffy choclate cloud.

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