Monday, May 23, 2011

Day Of Deliciousness

So pretty much we are having the funniest class of my life right now!!  We all split into groups and came up with little comedian skits.  Everyone's was so funny!  Mine was a school setting with a teacher like the one in Charlie Brown, a sleeping girl, two girls passing notes, and I was the hyper girl that was always raising her hand with nothing important to say.  I kept saying that i use math when I shop, i love history, that I love my teacher and then ask her how much longer.  The teacher got frustrated then hits her head on the wall, the sleeping girl woke up and says that if you hit your head against the wall every 2 seconds for 90 years your head will indeed go through the wall.
One of my favorites was the one Casmin was in.  It took place in a restaurant with an engaged couple and their friend sitting at a table.  The couple talks the whole time about their wedding plans and how good they think their friends will be together.  Casmin is the waitress and tries to join in many times and ask to take an order and finally they snap at her and tell her they are waiting for a friend.  The friend finally comes and he and his date pretty much sit quietly the whole time while the couple rambles on and on talking about their wedding.  Meanwhile Casmin keeps trying to get around the table in different spots to try and talk to them.  She finally gets their order and doesn't know where to take it so she cute in between the couple and hands them their food and they look at her then keep talking.  Then she yells for them to enjoy their meal.
After class a huge group of us headed for Hampstead where there is a crepe stand with and actual french guy making the crepes!  I got the french man's favorite which is the Crepe Complete (Ham, Egg and Cheese)  So maybe I also decided it would be best to try their best dessert crepe as well which was amazing!  Best crepe of my life!  I will go back there everyday until I leave!  There are so many options I must try them all! 

Harrod's began to call our name!  We walked around for a little and then decided it was baout time we gave in to the Bacio sundae, which is chocolate and hazelnut gelato with lots of other lovely things.  It was the best decision ever!  Totally worth the money!  Lets just say I decided to make today all about food. 

While at Harrod's I couldn't help but notice the pastries that were unlike traditional Harrod's prices.  I decided to try a few, Brioche, scone and pain au chocolat.  Don't worry I didn't eat the pastries all today I just tried the Brioche.  It was interesting, probably wont get another one.  I thougth it would be an amazing thing but its just round bread.

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