Monday, May 16, 2011

Lovely Day In London

What a better way to spend a Monday afternoon than a Tea Party in Hyde Park!  We all got food that will go bad while we are traveling this week and put together plates of food.  Casmin and I provided orange and apple slices.  Others brought cookies, biscuits, tea sandwiches, tea and lemonade.  We all put on our fancy little dresses and laid out blankets.  It was a delightful experience.
Casmin and I did not enjoy the tea as much as we had hoped.  I drank all of mine but Casmin used other means to get rid of hers.  Of course she couldn't let everyone see so she dumped it out behind the tree.
Apparently we think we are models sometimes or something even though we really are not.  We mainly just love the tree. 
I don't even know what we are trying to accomplish in this picture but we look like monkeys.  We were having a good time playing in the park and thats all that matters.  After the park we had to fill our time up until the play that night.  Casmin, Amberley, Camille and I headed for The Victoria and Albert Museum.  It was very cool.  The jewelry was so beautiful and yet some of it was so strange at the same time.  we saw costumes from plays.  I got to see one of the Swan Lake costumes from years ago, which was absolutely beautiful!  We even got to try on some costumes.  I tried on a bird costume which was very interesting.  After that we went to the tube stop by the theater and got german food.  It was called Herman Z German. haha  I just had some kind of hot dog type thing.  Not really sure what it was called.  We bought candy for the play.  I have made it my goal to try all the candy here and find the best ones.  Their candy is so much better than ours!  The chocolate is amazing!  We somehow lost Camille and realized we had an hour to spare before we had to meet for the play.  We walked along the "beach edge" and found a carousel.
So of course we had to ride it!  It was so fun.  Yes we were the oldest ones on it but it was so worth it.  we laughed the whole time.
I absolutely was so happy after riding the carousel.  I hav wanted to ride one for so long!  But I got to ride it in London on the walk by the Thames River looking across at Big Ben.  No better place to ride one.
One of the best views in London is looking across the Thames at Big Ben and The House Of Parliment.
Along the walk there are cute little huts and ne of them has vintage swimsuits in it, which I fell in love with.
If all ice cream trucks looked like this I would by ice cream everywhere I went.
This has to be the biggest seagull I have ever seen.  I don't even know what they sell or do at this little hut.  I can't imagine that people would buy seagulls or seagull things so.... it's a mystery but it attracts attention.

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