Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Day of Markets

So today was a very relaxing day.  Casmin and I slept in until 11 and then we headed to the markets with Amberly and Lauren.  It all started with Borough Market.  The food food and more food market.  Not just food though, delicious fresh organic food!  I had to buy a loaf of freshly made bread.

Lauren and I had to try the goats milk ice cream.  After all it is healthier!  And splendidly delicious!

So today was the day I fell in love with fish.  I had a Cajun fish wrap and it was one of the best things that has ever entered my mouth!  I would eat this everyday if I could!!

I also bought delicious bananas ate the market for on 85p.  The man made sure to tell me it was pence and not pounds because a man gave him a 50 pound note instead of 50 pence.  I liked this guy.  He was way more friendly then the guy who yelled at us for being greedy Californians.  I learned how to barter to get things for cheaper.  I got a really cute shirt for less than I should have but when I started to walk away the lady could not resist my offer.  Than Lauren wsa looking at a dress adn the guy said since she was so beautiful he would give it to her for 5 pounds but then asked where she was from and she said California.  Then he went off on how we are greedy Californians and need to be more polite and treat people better when in London.  But we thought it was pretty funny.  After the market Casmin and I wanted to shop on High Street Kensington but accidently got off at South Kensington instead and had to walk forever to get there but it was worth it because I found cute clothes there.

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