Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Night at the Theater

By Wednesday I had done no homework so I had quite a bit in store for myself to catch up.  I must admit when being in the same room with Me and Casmin and trying to do homework, you don't really get much done.  We took the afternoon off from sightseeing and stayed indoors and relaxed and did our work.  When 4:30 came around it was time to put the plays away and head for Nandos, an amazing chicken restaurant just down the street from us. 

I got a lemon & herb chicken pita.  It was one of the best sandwiches I have ever had!
 This is the wall in Nando's were you can get your soft drinks.  It was all soda cans.
 We made it to the play in time to get a student discount!
 Casmin and I were preparing our sad faces for the play.
 This is the handles on the door to the theater!  They are so cool!  I loved it!  The play was so good!  The set changes were so quick and amazing.  They had a revolving center stage so the set could turn.  It was awesome!  The set was so amazing how they used the same thing to make several different settings.  It would turn and change and stuff like a transformer. haha  I really enjoyed Les Miserables.  The main guy was so good and Apenine had an amazing voice.  I can't believe some of the little kids that are in the plays!  Like how often do they do plays?  What do they do about school and bedtime?  haha 

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