Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tubes, Buses and Markets

Slept in way too long today!  But we left at what we thought was a good time to meet the group for our tour of the Globe at 10am, at least until we got to the Tube Station and learned that the Circle line wasn't operating this weekend and that the District Line was not going to the station we needed.  So the only solution was to take the District to as far as it would go until construction then find a bus.  So right as we walked out of the station we saw the bus we needed pulling away from the stop and so the 20 min wait for the next bus began.  Not only that but when our bus came the bus man was the biggest grump I have ever met!  It was Hilarious!  W\He would yell at people to move forward or go up top then told a guy if he didn't have money or a card he needed to start running!  haha I almost burst out laughing.  I was just glad that my card worked an dhe didn't say anything like that to me.  We asked him where we should get off for the Globe theater and he said we weren't going to stop at that stop but if we were quick at the red light we could just jump off so we did.  The Globe tour ws interesting we learned about their clothes and things so that was way cool!  Geoffery from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was rehearsing at the Globe for a Shakespeare play.  So that was cool.  We saw where  the old Globe Theater used to be and the site of the Rose Theater.  We also saw where Charles Dickens used to say he lived so people wouldn't know his parents lived in prison housing.  I really liked seeing the clothes and things in the Globe exhibit.
We went to Borough Market and it was the most Amazing food market I have ever seen!  I wanted to eat everything!  It was all so fresh and looked so amazing!  They had different sections of fresh produce or fresh seafood or juices or meats or baked goods.  It was a lovely experience.  Then Casmin and I wanted to go to Portebello Road again to get Crepes.  It took us 3 hours to make the 15 minute trip.  We now know the bus system better now though.  We took the tube to Gloucester Road (our normal stop), then waited for the bus to take us to the other bus stop we needed but it was taking forever so we walked.  We found the stop we needed and waited 20 minutes for the bus only to have it drive right past us and a little asian man walking by tell us that we needed to signal it for it to stop.  Lesson learned.  We walked home, changed into cooler clothes, ate and decided to just walk there.  Then we realized the bus stop in front of our flat would take us there so we waited.  When it pulled up I realized I had left my Oyster card in my other bag.  Back to the apartment!  We got my card and waited for the nest bus.  It came and we got on it finally!  Honestly by that point we did not remember what stop we were supposed to get off on so the guessing game began.  We got off at a stop we thought was close and we were right!!  We asked a bookstore an dthey gave us typed directions and told us it wasn't a random question and they get asked where Portabello road is a lot.  I believed them the second we got the sheet of directions.  We found the road and walked the whole length of it!  It was way long!  It took us about 3 hours maybe with only a little bt of shopping, but the little we did do took time because we both are very indecisive when it comes to spending money.  Which we learned works great in a market setting at the end of the day because they will lower prices for you and give you deals.  When I told the lady I decided not to buy a watch for an already great deal of 6 pound she told me she would sell me three watches for 15 pounds.  I had already decided I didn't need one though.  We found the fashion area where they had tons of vintage clothes!  It was one of the coolest things ever!  The style here is a vintage chic look.  Everyhting is so cute and detailed.  We looked for the nearest bus stop and got on the next bus that came and began to look for familiar places and found ourselves right on High Kensington, right around the corner from us.  We decided it would be in our best interest to grocery shop so we could eat on Sunday.  I was glad I had my cute new backpack bag because I was able toput my groceries in it to carry home.

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