Friday, May 6, 2011

Road to Harry Potter

 After class today Tiffany took us on the Harry Potter tour!!  The first stop was platform 9 3/4.  It was under construction so we had to deal with the fake one they put up right next to it.  but still I was there!
 The real Platform 9 3/4 being under construction, but still way cool!  I got in trouble for taking this picture because the flash might blind the train drivers but I still got the picture!
 Okay so Casmin got on the tube only to discover that they are not always hot and stuffy but when someone leaves a window open they are maybe a little more airy than one may like.
 On our way around we could not just pass up taking pictures imitating statues!! 
 So we were loving this building and its surrounding statues, then I looked up and saw my name on it in gold!  I fell in love!  I have money, china, and buildings with my name on them all!  It's the best!
 I thought this was so cute!  Who in America goes to the Hatters?  I think there were two girls at the royal wedding that could have done without their hatters.  Actually they should fire theirs because their hatters had to be trying to make them look ridiculous.  If you don't know who I am talking about you have to watch the royal wedding and you will know the two.  They look like Cinderella's step sisters.
 Here were are at Diagon Alley!!  So cute!!  It is a bunch of stores that I hear calling my name!!
 Now who wouldn't love to go eat at a little place like this one!?  I wanted to.
 This is the cutest/smallest little food place I have ever seen!  It cannot be for real but it says it is an Italian restaurant.
 Well I bet you are wondering what this building is and why Casmin and I are looking so creepy.  Or you are a huge Harry Potter buff an dalready know that this is indeed the Leaky Cauldron.  The wind just wanted to make sure my hair would look super creepy and weird for this picture.
 This symbol is on the sides of the planters! It's just so cute, like everything has such detail and is thought through.  It blows my mind.
 Oh you know after walking and searching London for the Harry Potter sights we needed a little rest in a beautiful are. 
 Why can't our lamp posts look like this? 
 This clock was on our way just wandering around looking for our Harry Potter sites.  I like it!

Honestly I just love seeing the different stores and buildings when walking around.  They are so cute and welcoming.

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