Monday, May 2, 2011

The Day I Almost Didn't Wake Up

Well I know I haven't been sleeping well.  I stay up late and wake up super hyper in the morning but get tired in the middle of the day when I am out and about.  I know it is Jet Lag.  A horrible horrible thing.  I must say I didn't know it would lead to such an extreme moment in my Sunday.  I was awakened by my roommate, Kristen yelling/moaning at Casmin and I that it is 12:47 and we need to hurry and get up.  She said we had 5 minutes to get ready and the other 5 was for running to the church building.  We were specifically told not to be late to church because it is just not done here.  So I pulled my dress over my head and stepped out of my PJ bottoms and threw my hair in a messy bun on my way out the door.  The joy was wearing ballet flats after having a huge blister on my heel from the day before.  Let's just say my left foot was half hanging out of it's shoe.  So us three girls are literally running to church all disheveled.  Let's just say we got some great looks from people on the street watching us run by.  We made it though!!  We found a nice seat and they were only on the opening announcements.  I must say I loved the ward!  it was fast Sunday so people bore testimonies of course.  But the commitment and spirituality was so incredible.  The bishop had to tell people to stop coming up at the end because we were already over, but there was never a break.  
After we met with the stake president for Sunday School.  He was in his thirties and one of the most spiritual people I have ever met.  I cannot even describe the feeling he brought.  In Relief Society we talked about Personal Revelation and so many of the women shared so many amazing stories on how they receive revelation.  I realized how I do and even received some of my own on where I should live in the fall.  I guess it took that time of learning and self reflection.  
We had a fireside Sunday night and got our new ward assignments and I will be attending the London North Ward, which I guess is a poorer ward than I was at this Sunday.  So I am excited to see what it is like and serve with the people and get to know them.  I will be taking the tube and attending that ward with Carli, Amy, Katie, Ashlee, Lauren, and Rodger and Claudia.  So it will be fun!

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