Sunday, May 8, 2011

Princess Dreams

Today is the day for being a Princess!!  We had to see what it would be like to be Kate on Friday April 29, 2011, when she was living a beautiful life and having a gorgeous elegant wedding and we were sleeping in the dirt waiting for her.  We took a tour through Westminster Abbey where she was married then headed for Buckingham Palace Mews (where they keep the horses and carriages).
A perfect pillow for princess dreams!!  I wanted to buy it so I could ensure princess dreams every night but it was 40 pounds.  So a picture had to do.
The beauty that is Westminster Abbey!!  Carli and I couldn't wait to get inside!

 We got to sign William and Catherine's Wedding book!!
 They had a table set up with flowers and a book to sign a message to William and Kate!  Of course we had to! 
 The flowers were not only inside but on the balconies of this building too!
 This is the same door that Kate entered the Abbey!!
 St. James Park
 The park view right in front of Buckingham Palace.  SO beautiful!!  It's like a fairytale land!  I knew that London would be like a fairytale land!!
 Buckingham Palace
 We went to the Buckingham Palace Mews to see the horses and carriages.  This is horse was so cute!  It would smile at you with its teeth and then nod its head in agreement to what the tour guide was saying.  I want him so bad! 
 This is a convertible carriage.  All the royal carriages are the same colors so people on the street would recognize them.  They are black on top then the bottom part is a deep red and the wheels and very bottom are bright red and gold.
 I loved this carriage!  I think this carriage was made in Scotland for Queen Elizabeth.  Inside it has working lights, air conditioning and all the same conveniences of a modern car.
 The luxurious stall of a royal horse
 This is the famous carriage Wiliam and Catherine road in on their wedding
 This is the heaviest and most grand carriage built by King George.  It is only used o coronations.  To get it out of the room they take down a wall and have to use horses to move it out because it is so heavy.  It takes 8 horses to pull it.
 The gold is real and probably been recovered about 7 times.
 The car Kate road in to the wedding!  The colors are the same as the carriages, black on top and dark red under.  The back comes off like a convertible but it is still covered with a clear window.  So it looks like your in a convertible but your hair and everything doesnt get blown around, it's perfect.
 It is not everyday you see a gold ballerina high above all the buildings.

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