Sunday, May 15, 2011

Typical Tour Bus

Carli and I thought it was about time we buckled down and did the Big Bus Tour all over London and saw all the sights.  We realized that we have already seen most of them but then again we saw them from a different view and noticed that things are a lot closer than we thought.

The one and only Marble Arch.  Carly and I were shocked I got this picture because all day all the pictures I tried to take of cool things didn't really work out and we drove by this quickly but I snapped a picture just in time!
Oh William and Kate!  We all support you!
The London Eye and Big Ben that is not something you see everyday folks!  I got very lucky with my picture taking.
Okay so now we are on a ferry boat on the Thames River and looking at the London Bridge!  Can we say amazing day!
London Bridge is falling down...falling down...falling down...  Actually it already fell down and this is the new one they built the old one had houses and farms on it.  Then houses started falling off into the water and then we got our fun song!
So cool story on the random dragons you will find in London.  When you are entering the actual city of London, which is actually only about 2 blocks, you will meet a dragon and that is how you know when you are entering or leaving the city.  The actual city is not a place were people live but is mainly business oriented.  It is way cool because there are super old buildings and then new ones being built.  Major differences of time.
This monument is one of the best places to get a free view of the city.  It is a monument built after the great fire.
The Guard on Horse! 
I just had to take a picture of this lady because I loved her skirt and outfit.  She was super cute and classy.  So I did a little fashion sightseeing along with the site sightseeing.
The gates to Buckingham Palace street.

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