Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Play After Play

Casmin and I slept in for a lil then got ready to go on a lovely shopping trip to a secret Primark that is not packed full f people like the one on Oxford Street.  That Primark is a swarm and so busy that if you want wait in line to try on clothes you don't even consider it because it is a 40 minute wait and if it isn't you can only take in 8 items and then you have to stand in line again.  Trust me I did it once and I no I did not get back in line.  I joined tons of other people throughout the store changing behind clothes racks and looking in mirrors.  So you can understand our excitement and desire to go to a less known one.  We figured out where we had to go and set off on the tube.  We finally got to the station and started walking but did not see it anywhere.  So we decided where would be best to ask directions a little market store or a pharmacy.  We went with the pharmacy on the whim that the market guy might not speak good English like the ones in the two shops by our flat.
We got directions to just walk down the street, so the walk began only for me to look at my phone and see that we had been on the tube for an hour and only had an hour before our play.  Tube rides just fly by with all the people watching that can happen.  But no fear we found the Primark, well we didn't actually see it but we saw a lady with a Primark bag walking toward us so we asked her about it and she said it was indeed a little further down the street.  Then she started to advertise for them saying how they have tons of great things and she just spent her money there.  Well we didn't want to look stupid and just turn around and walk with her the other way after asking her so we kept walking turned a corner and went down another street.  That street eventually merged into the street we were on and yes we were walking on the opposite side of the street as her but we just hurried to the underground.  We tried to figure out the closest place to get off the tube to get to our play.  Now this is where the real fun began, three maps later we decided we should try Waterloo station looked really close.  Oh boy were we wrong.  We thought it was great at first walking along the river walk, we saw some cute shops and eating places but realized we were going to be late.  You can't be late to a Shakespeare play so the ran began.  Casmin and I ran through the streets of London dodging through school children and other Londoners.  We tried to follow the signs but finally we stopped and asked a couple and we had to go down this street and it was 50 yards.  By this time it was 10 till and no i do not know how far away 50 yards is but we ran it.  Good news is we got there and right as we sat down the play started, which is lucky for Casmin cuz she was sitting right by the teachers.  We saw Much Ado About Nothing and I really enjoyed it.  It is probably one of my favorite Shakespeare plays.  Beatrice and Benedict were so funny in it especially the faces Benedict would pull.  It was really entertaining and a nice relaxer after a good run.  AT least Casmin and I got some exercise in.  After that play ended we headed home to grab a snack and get directions to Legally Blonde.  Then quickly set out on back to where we were pretty much only this time with Megan. 

We bought our tickets at the amazing cheap student price all next to each other in the center and a few rows back with time to spare to grab a quick dinner and snacks.  I went to Paul's Bakery and got a delicious Quiche Lorraine and a cream puff thing.  They were both way good!  
When we got in Legally Blonde the lady sitting next to us was a German actress so she was telling us all the musicals we need to see.  Apparently Jersey Boys should be next on our list so I am going to have to look into that.  Legally Blonde was so cute and fun I loved it!  It was the first play I came out of here feeling really hyper and happy!  We were skipping and singing the songs.  It also made me really want to perform.

We stopped by Mcdonald's on our way home and got McFlurry's because they have British candy in them so they are different.  Then we headed home and it was time for bed.

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