Saturday, May 21, 2011

10 Things Learned In Ireland

  1. Do not trust the Tourist information desk
  2. Do not believe the Bus/Train Station information desks
  3. Make sure you walk into your hostel not hotel (can't just look for Isaac's because everything on the street might be owned by Isaac)
  4. Make sure that people don't hear you say you are going to grab a random bed (they might hate you and you have to sleep in the same room as them)
  5. Listen to the locals they are nice and willing to help as long as they are not drunk, then they are a little too friendly so beware (you can usually count on the little old ladies)
  6. Eat as much honeycomb ice cream as possible.  it is the best ever and you may not see it again.
  7. If staying in Dublin bring a nose plug.  
  8. Even if the weather says cloudy and no rain don't believe it.  It rains everyday in Ireland.  How else do you think it stays so green?
  9. Do not put on eyeliner in the hall of your hostel.  An older man might think you are hurting yourself and be concerned.
  10. Spend as much time in the countryside as possible, especially by the ocean.

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