Sunday, May 15, 2011

Scooting Chairs and Paperclips

So this morning I did not wake up to my alarm but I did not wake up late either.  Thank you Ellie for making sure Casmin was up for church.  But I was glad I did my hair and everything before bed so I got readily very quickly.  We got on the tube for an hour and then took the bus to the church building in North London.  I love our church.  Especially that we get to go in the country.  I taught primary today and the little kids are so cute!   Ashlee and I taugh the 4/5 year olds.  One of them didn't speak any english, he was from Romania.  I felt bad because I can't imagine going to church for three hours and not know what anyone is saying or doing.  So when sharing time came he just could not sit still.  He just kept repeating his name and teetering in his chair.  Then the boy on the other side of me kept trying to scootch away in his chair.  So I had to hold down both of their chairs for the rest of sharing time.  Then there was the cute little girl on the other side of the little Romanian boy kept putting her head under her chair, so I had to keep making her sit up.
The little Romanian boy then stuck a paperclip in between his two front teeth.  I did not know what to do or how he got it there.  There was a bigger gap at the top of his teeth than the bottom but I slowly pulled it out.  That was an interesting experience.  He then started eating his bookmark that they got given and I just let it happen.  It was too hard to control 5 little kids at once.  Paper never hurt anyone right?
After church I enjoyed a beautiful sandwich with the bread I bought at the market yesterday and then had my delicious puzzle cake.

My cute little Sunday outfit!!  I wore my oxfords with it! 

When Casmin got home from church we took a lovely walk with Amberly into Hyde Park.  It was such a lovely day and we loved seeing all the gardens and people.

Our Travels in Hyde Park

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