Sunday, May 8, 2011

Few But Strong

We are all split up in groups of 6 going to wards around London.  I attend the London North ward with Carli, Amy, Ashlee, Lauren, Katie, and Rodger.  We left an hour and a half early and took the tube to a different station where we switched lines, whcih was fun because no one was on it so we had the whole car to ourselves.  Then we took a bus to a street where Rodger was waiting and walked to the chapel.  The town is cute because it is a little city so it has some country look to it.  It is adorable!  I love my new ward so much!  The second we walked in we were greeted by a sweet mostly blind women.  She could only tell that Carli had flowers on my dress, then saw that my hair was curly and asked to touch it.  She was funny because she was so excited my hair was naturally curly.  Many people aproached us and welcomed us.  It was the friendliest ward I have ever been in.  There were so many different types of people.  There were no more than 50 people in sacrament and everyone just stays in the chapel for sunday school, even the kids.  Then everyone splits for Relief Society, Priesthood and Primary.  Most the people are first generation members so it is really cool to hear their stories.  I just loved being there with them and hearing what they had to say.  There is another old women who is one of the happiest chippery person I have ever met.  She would oo an daew when people would talk and throw in short little comments.  It was the cutest thing ever.  I can't wait for next Sunday and we are all already looking forward to our ward activity at the end of May.  When I got home I took a lovely nap and then we had a fireside.  One of the old stake presidents came and talked to us about World War 2 in London.  It was interesting.  He was alive during it an dwas actually evacuated like most of the children with his brother.  My favorite quote he told us was from Winston Churchill.  It was his favorite too because he told it like three times.  It goes like this:  A women that Winston Churchill worked with told him one day on the tube that he was drunk and he told her that she was ugly but he would be sober in the morning.  It is really mean but I thought it was so funny that this man thought it was so funny.  We planned our trip to Ireland tonight and now it is time to make sure my plays are all read before tomorrow.

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