Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shakespeare Day

I got an amazing nights sleep and woke up to the privilege of being able to enjoy a traditional English breakfast of egg, bacon, sausage and baked beans.  It was fabulous!  We enjoyed our breakfast so much that it made us late meeting the group at Shakespeare's Birthplace.  But we got there and saw it!
This is the front of the house
This is the Garden by New Place
Shakespeare's grave
He was buried surrounded by his family
The church Shakespeare's grave is in.  I ended up sitting on the bench in the graveyard relaxing and thinking.  It was so nice.  I thought about my life and finding myself.  I found a cute squirrel friend.
This is my squirrel friend that I got to come really close to me by not moving.  I probably played with it for a good 30min.  everytime I moved he ran away but when I got perfectly still he would come closer.
We got to go on a row boat on the river and it was so beautiful.  I never knew I could paddle a boat like I did.  I got voted the designated rower after everyone got a turn.  Casmin and I showered and got ready for bed.  Apparently we both put our hair in towels after a shower then spent an hour trying to get internet, which for some reason Kristen had and we couldn't get.

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