Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Castles?

Last night was a bit of a struggle.  I have been having a hard time with allergies the last few weeks I have been here.  Pretty much since I took such a long nap yesterday in the car, I could not go to sleep no matter how hard I tried.  Not to mention I couldn't breathe very well.  After an hour or more of laying in bed I did finally fall asleep.  It's all good I have learned to deal with the allergies.  Well maybe not so much. 
I think this hotel has been my favorite so far.  It is a castle, with free wifi, and complimentary breakfast.  I could have used a longer and more substantial bed but thats okay; I am used to bad beds by now.  So we went down to breakfast and it was a different guy this time, so dad asked him if it was complimentary for sure, he said it was but he would double check.  Well after we had gotten our food, including a delicious waffle for myself.  Seriously they had some of the best waffles I have ever had.  The guy told dad it was free for mom and him but not me.  Yay! haha  Thanks guy for making me feel like I shouldn't be here.  Don't you worry, we ended up getting my breakfast free too.  The guy went back to dad and told him he would have the front desk take off the charge.  This was turning out to be a great day auntil I heard mom's reason for why.  She said that the guy was looking at me and probably thought I was cute and thats why he took it off the bill.  I don't know if I believe thats the reaon, but free breakfast is always a good thing.  Well we did discover upon arriving in our room and researching on the ipad that we were indeed very near to a Costco.  That's right England has Costco!  So of course we went after we struggled with Mrs. GPS for a little while to get there.  The food samples here are so much bigger!  A slice of cake and a regular size cup of apple juice beats a bite of cake and a lid size amount of apple juice.  The clothes and things were more stylish too.  Oh and they had huge boxes of Galaxy bars!  I was tempted to get one but that would be a lot of weight in my luggage, which is already bursting.  After a quick looksy into Costco we started the wonderous drive to Warwick Castle.  The drives are always great when you have a GPS that you have to trust but is not always completely reliable.  Anyways we made it and discovered that this castle is a huge operation.  They have almost tried to make it like a Disneyland time thing.  Not that huge of scale but really kid oriented and magical.  We got to attend the Royal Weekend Party and visit with all the "guests"and see the inside of the castle.  It was a pretty cool castle.  I liked all th einteraction type things.  We tried to go up this tower and got up the steps only to find it was roped off at the top but the was this girl on the other side.  So I stepperd over the rope and followed where she and her friends went.  They ending up disappearing once we got to the next tower but there were other people so we figured it was okay we were up there.  We were limited on time because we only had 2 hours on th etime meter.  So it was time to go to Blenheim Palace, which I had already been to before with my study abroad group.  I got to go upstairs this time though and it was like a virtual tour that took you back in time.  I like when they do stuff like is way more interesting than reading about it.  I think Blenheim is my favorite one.  I would live there if I could.  I just need to figure out how I can marry one of the Duke's grandchildren or something.  Since Oxford isn't too far away we drove through there adn saw the university and such.  It's a pretty difficult city to manuver a car around in.  We hadn't really eaten besides breakfast so we decided there was only one thing to do.  Go to Hampstead and get the best crepes in England!  I thought for sure the people would recognize me but I am pretty sure it was a different guy for the first time ever for me.  Oh boy those crepes are delicious!  I could eat them all day everyday and they would still never get any less amazing!  Now this is when Mrs. GPS was making us the most miserable.  We were trying to get through busy crowded London in rush hour to our hotel in Gatwick.  She would not show us the right streets to trun on so we were going in cirlces and making u-turns but on the bright side we saw the Marble Arch and Buckingham Palace.  I got to see where I sat on the night before and day of the royal wedding.  The flowers that were there are gone and there are now lovely red flowers.  I think they were Tulips.  It was pretty much over an hour to make the short trip through London.  We go to our hotel fine though and got upgraded to a room so I get my own queen size bed!  I went to set some things on the bed and leaned against it only to have it roll away from me.  Definitely not what I expected but I guess in some cases that could be very nifty.  Bottom Line is: I will be sleeping comfortably tonight!  No more missing and falling out wooden slats!  My allergies may still affect my sleep but there is nothing to be done about that.  Tomorrow we see even more castles!

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