Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Road Trip Through England Begins

We woke up really early today so that we could get an early start on Portobello Road.  It was a good thing too because the circle line was closed down on the tube, meaning the district line that we were going to take would be crowded.  We got to Portobello just fine and the shopping began!  We went quicker to the end because I already knew that the stuff is cheaper down there.  We got a few really good things.  Tried some yummy foods like quiche, pizza pastry, creamy ice cream (mine was without strawberries of course), and a crepe with Nutella.  We rushed from Portobello to the tube to get back to the airport to get our rental car.  After we picked out our car, which is a Vauxhall Astra Turbo.  At first it was really scary to be in a car. I haven’t been in one for a few months and Dad wasn’t quite used to driving on the right side of the car, shifting with his left hand and driving on the left side of the road.  We picked up our bags from the hotel and the road trip began.  Our first stop on the list was Stonehenge.  I had heard that it wasn’t that amazing, in a way that was a good thing because my expectations were low.  I loved Stonehenge!  It was so cool!  No one really knows what it was or how it got there, the audio guide just gave facts they do know and possibilities and theories.  It was still interesting to hear the different facts and ideas.  After Stonehenge, we found our way to Bath.  We got to see the river and the bridge, but a lot of it was closed so we only got to see the outsides but we went to the Roman baths, Pump House, and Jane Austen Center.  We looked for places to eat but it was really a party place with tons of drunk people so we left to go to our hotel in Bristol.  We ended up having to call the hotel in Bristol because we could see the hotel but couldn’t figure out the street to take to get to it.  The guy told us how and we got there and got al our stuff in and everything.  Outside our window we could hear al this partying coming from the yachts below us.  I don’t think it went all night, but maybe I was too tired to notice.

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