Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Day at Pemberly and Pemberly

This is what our "Castle Hotel" looked like from the outside.
Today we had breakfast in the restaurant of the hotel.  They had Casmin and my new favorite cereal, Crunchy Nut.  I got some of that, a waffle, hash brown, baked beans and croissant au chocolat.  It was delicious!  Apparently though it is only complimentary breakfast for 2 people.  Lame!  So it was good that I ate my fair share since we had to pay for it. 
When we were leaving we saw the Royal Mail truck!  For some reason it was more exciting to me than it sounds.Our next stop was Chatsworth House, which is Pemberly in the Keira Knightly Pride and Prejudice.  It was one of the most beautiful palaces I have seen here, at least on the inside.  My favorite part was the beds.  Pretty much the kind of beds you dream about having. 
We stopped to grab food at a farm store on our way to the Pemberly used in the old Pride and Prejudice.  On our way I pretty much decided that I need to live in the English country.  It is so so so Beautiful!  There are cows and sheep everywhere!  It is green and has all these rock walls dividing the land.  For some reason I am just in love with cows, sheep and horses.  Oh and the cutest little baby goats were playing and jumping; it was one of the cutest animal moments I have ever had.
We got to Lyme Park the back way thanks to our GPS that I would name but I don’t think she is deserving of one at this point in time.  We may be getting rid of her after this trip and I am pretty sure it is the same thing as pets; you don’t want to name an animal you know you aren’t going to keep.  Anyways we asked a lady walking by and she said we needed to go back the way we came and take a different road.  We finally found it and ran into the entrance only to find out from the gift shop lady that they were already closing it down.  We went to the estate office and asked if there was anyway we could see any part of it so she took us through a part of it really quick and I got video before they told me we were not allowed.  We got to see the lake that Darcy swims in and the front of the house were the carriages arrived.  I loved it!  It was so fun being there and imagining what it was like.  We are now driving in the car with some extra time in the day not wanting to be spent at the hotel, so we are looking for a Top Shop and Primark.  It is too bad all the museums and things close at 5pm, it really makes for a short day.  We found a Primark but didn’t make it to Top Shop before it closed.  We stopped at Tesco on the way to the hotel to get the meal deal for dinner and some yogurt, bread, nutella and things for snacks.  The hotel doesn’t have free internet yet again.  I don’t understand how they wouldn’t when I stayed in hostels in Ireland with internet.  We watched a little TV.  Pretty much the end of a dumb movie with Sandra Bullock were she knows her husband is going to die and tries to prevent it but ends up causing it.

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