Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finally Rain in London

For some reason I had a dumb moment and forgot my laptop yesterday.  I called Casmin, but she was already on the tube on her way to the airport.  We took the tube back to Gloucester and walked back to my apartment.   I knocked on the window hoping someone was there and heard me.  The two boys smoking out front asked if I needed to get in but one of my roommates Ashlee opened the door.  Yay!!  I went in the living room and sure enough my laptop was on the table so I put it in my backpack.  Now we were ready for sightseeing.  Portobello here we come!  Or not…we walked up from the tube stop and it was pouring rain.  Outdoor market on a rainy day is not the funnest idea so the planned changed to St. Paul’s.  We walked in and Mom and Dad realized they had walked in there before.  We didn’t want to pay to go to the top since it was rainy and windy.  We decided to have lunch at Paul Bakery next to the cathedral.  I had a ham and cheese baguette and we shared chocolate cake.  We ended up deciding to go to the Imperial War Museum.  That is what Dad really wanted to do and I hadn’t been yet.  It was so cool!  I loved seeing all the war stuff.  I think the best part was The Trench Experience.  It was interesting to see what it really would have been like, but I can’t believe how things were.  The holocaust part was so shocking and disturbing.  I read about a woman who worked at a concentration camp and would beat and whip the people.  I could never imagine people treating other people like that.  My favorite part was the secret wars exhibit.  It was about the secret agents and stuff.  It had some of their equipment, like code books and radio suitcases.  We decided it was time for some shopping so we went to Primark.  We spent a long time there but found some more good things.  I wish we had a Primark in America.  The clothes are so cute and inexpensive.  We were hungry so we went to The Swan for dinner.  At first it seemed to be a pub but when you went upstairs it was a restaurants.  It was one of the most elegant looking not really expensive restaurants I have ever been in.  We got a table by the window and ordered fish and chips!  I think that our tour bus guy said that the Royals have rented out the Swan restaurant before for some sort of party.  I now know why.  We just relaxed and enjoyed our time there before we got back on the tube to go to our hotel.  It is funny because the further you get from London the less people are on the tube.  By the end of the night you pretty much have the car to yourself.

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