Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last Day with my London Peeps

So today I was a total lame-Oh and woke up to my alarm but turned it off and went back to bed, which is rare for me.  But I did wake up at 8:15 am, which was the planned time to leave.  Needless to say Casmin, Kristin and I rushed to get ready and made it out the door at 8:30.  We got to the train station just in time and were on our way to Hampton Court Palace.  I  played solataire and another game on my itouch the whole way it was fun.  We got to Hampton Court and it was huge!  Before we went in Cali commented on my new rings and then Preston went on to give a meaning for my ring and it was so funny.  Then we started to give meanings to Ellie's flower and other things.  Like that she was a blossoming young women.  The palace seemed more like a little city than a Palace.  We started in the kitchen which was a few rooms and then a whole little alley for fish.  I think my favorite part was the chapel and the gardens.  the chapel had sush an amazing ceiling.  It was dark blue with actual gold leafing and stars.  The garden was amazing like all gardens here are.  Dezi, Caz and I stopped at Victoria Station and got delicious baguettes and found out not to buy cuff links there.  So we went to Piccadilly Circus an dfound the best souvenir shop of my life on the way to china town.  I got the cutest mugs ever!  Then we were exhausted so we cam home and rested.  Alright resting consisted of comparing UK shopping websites with US ones.  I may have gotten made fun of for it but I needed to know differences for anymore shopping that needs to happen.  So they have these delicious pudding cups here that I had to eat of Amberleys today becasue they are so divine.  They are not like pudding you think of.  It is cake that you heat in the cup and dump on a plate and chocolate sauce drizzles over it.  It is one of my favorite desserts here and I only discovered it three days ago!  I then realized the lady was coming to check my room at 8 and I needed to pack.  Suprisingly I go all my clothes in my suitcase even though they were stacked way higher then it.  But I just put the lid on it, sat down on it and zipped.  Then it fit no problem.  Amberly told us it was neccessary we go with her and people to get gelato a last time so I couldn't pass that up.  I got hazelnut and frerro rocher gelato, so good!!  Casmin and I are going to go walk around in the city and get a pudding to replace the one I ate of Amberely's then spend the night relaxing.

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