Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lake District (Beatrix Potter & William Wordsworth Houses)

This morning I woke up to myself moaning.  Haha  I must have been having a bad dream.  I knew I was moaning in my dream but then I heard it and woke up.  My eyes were stuck shut and my nose was so stuffy I couldn’t breath.  It was misery, no wonder I was moaning in my dream.  Anyways Mom asked if my allergies were noticeably worse today and I said they were and she said she has asthma and an itchy throat, so we guessed someone must have brought a dog in the room at some point.  Who does that!?  I mean I love dogs and everything and understand wanting to take them with you but not in a no pets allowed hotel room.  Anyways since breakfast was only free for dad and 10 pounds a plate for mom and I, dad went to eat while we finished getting ready.  Yes we decided we would just starve while he had a feast for breakfast.  Better one than all of us right?  I am just kidding.  He did go to breakfast but mom and I had yogurt, bread and bananas in the car.  Plus it was the best yogurt ever!  If ever in London…the must get yogurt is the yogurt corners.  So good!  Now we are just listening to Taylor Swift, driving through the beautiful country on our way to the Lake District.  The small little towns are so cute!  It’s so fun to drive and see all the green and animals, then end up in a small town for a little and then back out to the greenness!  I love it!  I am so having a farm!

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