Friday, June 17, 2011

Delightful Dover

Well I can definitely say we have accomplished drving all over England.  The driving did not end yet though.  Today we drive to Dover and stopped at a little gas station store for breakfast.  No complimentery breakfast today.  I missed having a big breakfast.  We got to see the white cliffs as we drove up to Dover Castle.  It rained all day today and was way windy up on the castle.  I loved feeling the wind blow my face and hair.  It is almost as if weather like that gives me more energy.  We first went to the war time tunnels and saw what it would have been like to be in them in WW2.  The set up was really cool.  They made it like you were a soldier there and learning about the plans, wars and weapons.  They had projectors that made it seem like real life people were there.  I would definitely recomend seeing that.  We went to the hospital/dressing rooms tunnel next but I didn't think it was as good as the other one.  It made me slightly nervous because they said it would have similar smells to when it was used and it did.  It had hospital smells and then in the kitchen it had food smells.  My favorite part was the great tower.  We took a spiral staircase that kept going up and up but had branches of stairs off the sides.  It was pretty much like a maze with stairs and rooms.  When you got to the top there was a chimney and one of the rooms had a fire in it so it smelled like fire.  It was so cool to be up there with the wind, looking over at the water and the village, and smelling the fire.  We also saw the museum ther and found out our ancestors lived there.  We are related to Eleanor of Aquitaine, who married King Henry 2 of England and the King of France.  She was the mother of King Richard the Lion Heart.  Knowing that made the castle even better.  Technically I should live there!  Pretty much I have learned in the last few days that I need to live in a castle and have a farm.  We spent a lot of time at the castle so we had to rush to Canterbury to see that.  We didn't really know what was there to see but we found it.  There was Cathedral there and it had some ruins around it.  The village is pretty cute.  We got to look around in the cathedral.  We stopped at Pret Manger for dinner and got yummy sandwiches, crisps and cookies.  It was delicious!   We still had time so we went to the London Temple.  We took some pictures then went in the visitors center and talked to a lovely missionary sister in there.  She told us what church to go to on Sunday and just chatted.  Since it still wasn't very late and we learned from her not to go to Brighton on Sunday due to  London to Brighton bike ride, we headed for Brighton.  We pretty much drove around for a little and then decided we needed some ice cream.  We found a Tesco so dad waited in the car while mom and I ran in to get some Magnum bars.  Best ice cream bars ever!  Wehn we got back dad asked if we heard the girl singing in the pub across from the car.  We said no and he said he thought it was a boy.  The singer was wearing an open back long dress, evening elbow gloves, necklace and had red curly hair.  When we got a better view and heard it singing it was definitely a boy.  Then we noticed it was all men in there, so we assumed it had to be a gay bar.  To top it all off the guy thing was singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow!"  Pretty much the gayest thing I have ever experienced.  Well I noticed plenty other gay bars on our way out.  They aren't hard to miss with rainbow lights and such.  Interesting place Brighton is... at night.  We got back to our hotel and a guy held the elevator for us.  Now this is sad because he had pushed the third floor and we got off on the first floor but he followed us off and walked down the hall.  We went the wrong way at first but turned around.  We were unsure our room number but I was pretty sure I remembered it.  We finally figured out our room and saw the guy walk back down the hall after he figured out he was on th wrong floor.  Once we got to our door, our key card wouldn't work; we tried it in the surrounding doors with no luck.  Well it was time to be embarrassed and ask the guy at the front desk what our room was.  He told us it was the room number we had thought so we informed him of the defective key card we had.  He tried to get it to work but ended up giving us a new one.  I was just glad it was the card and that not all three of us are stupid.  Sure enough the new card worked.  It was nice to sit on my queen bed and relax.  We watched a western movie on the TV for a little bit.  It was interesting and funny.  I am excited for tomorrow!  I am going to get the bag I have wanted ever since I have been here and we are going to the Romeo and Juliet ballet!!

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