Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dad and Mom Arrive

Today was my very last morning with my peeps in London.  Amberly, Casmin, Amy and I decided to do what we could and hit Oxford Street one last time, mainly because Amberly wanted shoes at Barratts that I had found online yesterday.  Casmin wanted to run in Primark really quick to see if they had the two-toned shoes she liked and they did!  Only one pair left in her size.  Then I happened to find cute black oxfords that were really comfy and only 4 Pounds!  We didn’t find the shoes Amberly liked at Barratts.  Apparently they only have them online.  We took the tube to Hampstead for our last beloved crepes.  I got some for Mom and Dad and the French guy laughed at me.  After I ordered mine he asked if I needed anything else and I said four more.  That was when he laughed haha I quickly told him they were for my family not me.  I gave them a tip since I made them make so many.  I went back to the apartment by myself since the others were going to the war museum.  I finished up my packing and waited for Mom and Dad to text me.  I got a text that they were six stops from Gloucester.  I began the walk to Gloucester station and stood there for about 5 minutes before I saw them walk to the gates.  I was so excited!  I hadn’t seen them in so long!  We walked up the street to my flat.  I showed them my flat while the crepes reheated in the oven.  They go to meet some of the girls and then we headed for High Street Kensington.  We stopped in a few shops on our way to Bristol Cars Dealership.  Pretty much nice cars that look like they might be homemade and are way overpriced; it was 250,000 pounds for a car.  We wanted to be safe with timing so we went to the Wicked Theater and then ate at an Italian restaurant near it.  We all had Margarita pizzas.  Wicked was the best show to see last in London!  I loved it!  The acting, singing, costume, set and everything were so amazing!  No wonder people went to see it twice!  It was by far my favorite performance I had seen in London.

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