Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Today we drove to Edinburgh in Scotland to see the Edinburgh Castle.  We parked down the street from the Castle Rock Hostel that I had stayed in when I came before.  We had to pay for parking of course which appeared to be a nightmare at first.  I would put in the coins and they would fall right into the coin return.  Nice but not what we wanted.  I figured out though that it was how you put the coin in that mattered.  I started giving the coins a little flick off my finger and it started working.  We got a parking ticket and headed up the steps to the castle.  For some reason they were building a huge ugly bleacher thing in front making the view less beautiful and castley.  I led Mom and Dad through the castle since I had been before and we only had as much time on the meter as pounds and pence I had in my wallet.  I enjoyed seeing the castle again.  I realized I didn't remember as much as I would have hoped.
 Edinburgh Castle
 The crowning of a King.
 The fireplace in the great hall.
We got to see the one o'clock gun shot. 
 After seeing the castle we began the drive to the next castle Alnwick.  We thought we wouldn't make it in time to go inside but a camera crew was there filming for a game show so we got to go look around for free.  It was really cool. There was a lot of open grassy area in the middle and a courtyard. 

 This brings a whole new meaning to picturesque.

 The Gardens
There was an awesome bridge with a river running through the beautiful farm land and countryside.  Mom called it my castle because Elizabeth Percy lived there.  I was so glad we got to go in.  I wish we would have been there when it was open though because they had archery and stuff.  It was still very cool though. 
 I am going to be an archer.  Just decided.  I will just join Hoyt Archery Team.  I already have the last name.
We then began the long drive to Derby, but first dad wanted to get gas.  We stopped at ASDA (England's Wal-Mart).  Mom and I got food and Dad tried to get gas but you need a specail card so we had to find a new place.  I thought the GPS was beginning to be our friend until then.  She had us all over going through neighborhoods to convenience stores and shopping centers but no gas stations.  I decided the best thing for me to do at this point is sleep.
 I slept pretty much the whole ride until we got to Nottingham.  I woke up and it really could have been a dream.  I was in Nottingham!!  I used to pretend as a little girl that I was fighting with Robin Hood in Nottingham and Sherwood forest.  It was one of the best wake up calls I have ever received.  Mom somehow found out about this pub that is the oldest in England.  It dates back to 1189 and is built into the rock under Nottingham castle.  I loved it!  It had fabric depictions of Nottingham and Robin Hood.  Apparently there are secret passages from the pub to the castle.  Crusaders you to stop by there on their way which is how it got the name, Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem.  After I enjoyed a delicious bacon cheeseburger, (for some reason I can't seem to resist those) we walked to Nottingham Castle and read a little bit about Robin Hood on some of the wall things.  I also got a picture with the statue of him.
 Robin Hood and I fighting side by side!

 Robin Hood, Maid Marian and Friar Tuck.
 Robin Hood and Little John fighting on a bridge.
 King Richard the Lion Heart join the hands of Maid Marian and Robin Hood.
Robin Hood shoots his last arrow.

The time came to finish our trip to Derby.  I pretty much sang Taylor Swift the whole way; I hope Mom and Dad like Taylor Swift because they have been getting a lot of here.  Oh I guess they had better like my singing too, which they have too since we are related and I ma their daughter.  I took a break from singing to tell Dad the street to take after I read the signs. Thanks for nothing GPS I refuse to name.  She redeemed herself in getting us to our Castle Hotel in Breadsall.  We got here and the people were a lot nicer than the Bat Guy before.  My bed was set up, we had free wifi, complimentery breakfast and they remembered my towels!  The only downside from last nigths hotel is I had a queen size to myself; tonight I got on my bed and a wood slate from underneath fell to the floor.  My head is for some reason sinking to the floor as well.  I might have to sleep at the foot of the bed.  Its all good though.  The hotel is beautiful and a castle so its makes up for that.

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