Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Voyage To Hyde Park Gate

Finally I made it!!  The flight here wasn't too bad.  I sat next to a lovely british lady that was from Long Beach.  She pretty much laughed at everything it was great!  I watched about three movies before I decided it was time to sleep.  Which I shouldn't have even tried.  I cannot sleep sitting up. It is Impossible!!  I don't know how everyone else on the plane does it but my head falls forward everytime.  But if you try to sleep with your head already forward in your lap it won't fit because your head will hit the controls to the TV screen and turn it on.  So I don't really know how much I slept.  There was an orchestra on my flight that is going to play for the Prince and new Princess this Sunday.  There were old ones and young ones so I don't know which ones are actually performing.  Oh there was also a man like Burt on Marry Poppins.  He had all his instruments on his back and such.  I did not end up meeting Casmin and Camille at the aiport.  The London airport is a lot bigger place than I expected so you have to take a train to the other terminals.  I spent awhile there figuring that out then took the tube to Gloucester and walked the beautiful street to my flat at Hyde Park Gate with assistance from my mom via cell phone and here being online.  She was walking the street with me virtually haha and guided me to my apartment.  My flat is super nice!!  So amazing!  We went on a walk tonight and saw the London Eye and Big Ben, and the natural London Scene of course.  Now I am exhausted and ready for sleep finally!!

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