Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Preparation for The Royal Wedding

Our preparation to leave at 12am for the wedding consisted of chatting, facebooking and a very short nap, then throwing all the sweater I brought in my backpack with magazines and running out the door.

 As we left our building there were people at the bus stop and a guy asked where we were headed so late and we said the royal wedding.  He then said your American! Why do you care!? haha But we definitely care.
 The last ride on the tube before it closes at 12:45am to Buckingham Palace
 After finding our lovely spot behind the planter we all spread out and Casmin and I decided there was no better way to prepare fo rthe next day than read up on Kate and William.
They even have Kate and William scarves!  So cool!  And definitely a neccestiy for how cold last night was, but I didn;t buy one.   When I finalyy made the decision I might want to they man was gone.  After Casmin and I read our magazine we chatted for a few hours then decided it was freezing cold and we needed hot cooc and a bathroom.  Kristen, Camin and I set off for the camp ground of outhouses.  They were some of the nicest ones I had ever used and they even had guys going around in a truck adding toilet paper and cleaning them.  Kristen almost got stuck in one when the truck pulled in front of her outhouse.  All she heard was clear the road and then a truck in front of her, but it was all good.  Then we headed for the only place open selling food and waited in 1 1/2 hour line for a small cup of hot coco, but just being warm for that little bit of time drinking it was worth it.  There were so many people out.  When we got back to our spot drunk guys that had come before and were talking to some of our friends were still there talking.  They pretty much spent the whole time with us.  At 5am police went around and woke up people in tents and had them put the tents away and then made it so no more people could come in the gates to Buckingham.  We all got wrist bands so that we could still leave and go to the bathroom and come back.  One of the girls that was friends with the drunk guys was super nice and very fun to talk to.  She taught us a few things like how to say aluminum and where to shop for the cutest clothes and cheapest groceries.  She also shared some food with us which was nice because I had eaten all I brought within the first few hours of being there and we still had a whils.  The security guy told us that come time for the wedding we could go up on the mound of flowers in front of us and it would probably be the best view.  He was so right!!  So pretty much we spent s few hours failing at trying to sleep, cuddle in little balls freezing wondering if it was really worth it to have come.  Of course it was we were just cold and exhausted.  I could tell I was on my way to getting sick. 

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