Friday, April 29, 2011


 Finally 10am came around and things began to happen!  Bands kept marching around playing songs, which kept us entertained for awhile.
 There were guards and police everywhere!  Even snipers on top of Buckingham Palace, but there were also cameras and reporters everywhere as well.
 I tried to take a picture of Camin and me with the marching band but forgot it was zoomed in.  A commom mistake especially functioning on no sleep.
 The security guard told us we could have the best view by standing on the mound of flowers.  We decided we had better sit there to ensure we had a good standing spot when the Queen and everyone would leave for the wedding.
 I think that the Queen was in the Range Rover.  I hear that is what the Royal Family drives in.  There were three cars before that.  Don't worry I took a picture of every car to make sure that I got the one she was in.  You just can't be too careful with an event like this.  I cannot believe how close we were.  I am so glad my friend Carly got us all here and found us a spot.  Without her we would not have been here with such great spots!  After the Queen drove by other members of the wedding party left too. 
 The bridesmaids drove by and the cute little flower girls in their car.  It was so cute to see them, this is when I learned my camera has a great zoom!
 We got to listen to the ceremony over loud speakers.  It was so nice and lovely.  The sun started to come out and warm us up.  It was so nice to just lay there and listen to the wedding ceremony.  When it ended we quickly resumed our position to wait for them to drive back in the carriage.
 I took a picture of them driving by from my video I got of them!  I kinda messed up in my video because it was hard to avoid cameras and flags, and to try and video tape while watching in real life. 
 But I did get a pretty good shot of them.  They rode by a little fast I thought so I was glad I videotaped it.  I also got a video of the queen driving by and a little bit of the huge marching band.  it was all just so Amazing!  i can't believe I was able to be there.  After the Queen and everyone was in the Palace the police opened the gates and the street in front of Buckingham Palace was flooded with people. 
 This is only one section of the people in front of the palace there were tons of people everywhere!!  We decided it was best to stay in our spot since we had a good view of the balcony were William and KAte would have their traditional first kiss after being married.
William and Kate came out on the balcony followed by everyone else and waved an dhad their first kiss as a married couple.  They looked so happy and amazing!  Kates dress is so beautiful!  I actually didn't see their first kiss but everyone started chanting for him to kiss her again so I saw the second one.  Then airplanes flew overhead as we decided it was time that we rush out of there and try to beat some of the crowd.  We thought it would take us hours to get home because of all the people probably getting on the tube, but we were able to walk right on and be home in 15min.  You have got to love London public transportation.  We then walked to the bus stop and took our bus to our street.  The first thing we all cared about when we got to the flat ws food!  I made a sandwich and watched the news on TV about the wedding while I ate.  Then I took the best shower of my life!  It wasn't really but it felt so good after a night like last night.  Right after my shower I got ready for bed and went to sleep at 3pm here.  I ended up waking up at 11pm feeling like my throat was swollen so I got some orange juice.  I was so happy because I was not the only one awake.  Everyone else that had gone was up as well.  haha  But I do not want to be tired tomorrow so I am going to go to bed now that it is 2:40am.

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