Friday, April 29, 2011

Exploring London Day 1

We had our first class today.  We talked about the importance of keeping an open mind in theatre and performances and pretty much broke down Shakespeare's play The Tempest.  We are going to see it at a childrens theatre on Saturday night.  We decided that food and shopping were a neccesity after class so a whole group of us headed off to Primemark, a huge inexpensive department store with amazing clothes!  It was so awesome!  They had tons of cute skirts, shoes and dresses!  I had to buy a few things of course.  We decided instead of eating it was more important to rush over to Buckingham Palace to try to get on the morning news but that did not end up happening.  We did discover beautiful St. James Park and that we needed to come earlier than we thought to camp out for the wedding.  Oh I got hit in the head ny a guy carrying a tent over his head.  He apoligized to me though so it was okay.  It was my fault for being taller than evreyone I guess. We took the tube back to our street and decided it was finally time to eat since we hadn't eaten all day.  So we wanted to go to an Indian Resturaunt but we had three options so we decided to find the cheapest one.  As we were looking at the menu of one the guy came and told us to come in and sit down, so we did.  He handed us our menus and we ordered water from the tap otherwise they give you water you have to pay for.  As we looked through the menu we realized it was 7 pounds for just a peice of chicken and you had to buy rice and bread seperately.  The guy tired to make us buy an appetizer and when we said we are ready to order instead he asked if we each wanted our own appetizer and it was way confusing and annoying.  Then the guy tried to tell us we needed to buy the 2 person plate for 40 pounds and buy other plates and share amongst the four of us, but that would be like a $25 meal for each of us.  So when he left to get the waters we got up and walked out.  We found a little take-out place down the street that had Indian food for 3 pounds but I decided to grocery shop and eat at home.  After buying all my very small quantities of food, I realized it was not going to be fun walking back carrying my bags.  But that is what the red buses are for!  Casmin, Chelsea and I hoped on a bus that took us right to our street and we just hoped off and walked in our flat.  Why had we not been riding the bus this whole time!!  We decided since we were leaving to go to the Royal wedding that we should just spend a quite night in our flat and go to bed early, but that didn't happen.  We unpacked and goofed off then it was time to prepare to leave for the wedding!!

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