Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New York Day: 5

So I guess last night Desi woke up and our faces were an inch apart.  Yep a little awkward, don’t worry she rolled over so her back was to me.  Oh the joys of sharing a bed.  We slept in a little longer than our alarm today but still made it in time for breakfast!  We got Jamba juice and it was fantastic!! 
Our first appointment was at the Anna Sui Boutique.  It was sooo cute!!  When I open a boutique I want furniture like she had!  Her store felt more like home than a store and had lots of really cute things!  I thought it was so funny because they were talking about make up and how everyone wants their eyebrows to be pointy and then she pointed to me and said like yours!  I just laughed to myself because I had just plucked my eyebrows the night before; I couldn’t stand them anymore and it totally paid off!! Hahaha
On our way to our next appointment we stopped in Chinatown.  Yes of course I bought a few things.  I got a cute new purse and a I <3 NY sweatshirt.  Desi and I decided to shop there instead of eat so we didn’t get lunch before our next appointment at Macy’s.  We got to take a tour of Macy’s and then shop for a little.  It was the first Macy’s ever built and the first store with escalators; they were wood!! I learned a lot of cool things, like that they put food stores in each section according to the age group that they are selling to. 
Our next appointment was Anne Klein Suiting.  They talked to us about sales and also designing suits.  We got to take a tour of it too and it looked like it would be way cool!  We then walked through central park, where a bird almost pooped on me and a guy spit and it almost went on my feet.  Gross!!  We went to the Metropolitan Museum and saw a cool Egyptian temple and the picture of George Washington crossing the Delaware!!  It was probably my favorite!  I looked at it forever; it ws huge!!  Desi and I then figured out a bus to take to the fashion district.  We were going to go to a fabric store to buy swimsuit material but it was closed when we got there, so we decided to go eat.  Which was good because I was exhausted!  We went to Shake Shack!  It is supposedly the best burgers and shakes in New York!  It was way good!!  A guy we sat by talked to us about New York and plays and actually the Book of Mormon play.  He said that it didn’t really disrespect Mormons and that it actually made him like Mormons even more, so that’s good to hear from a random guy.  Then we were going to shop but couldn’t find the store we wanted to go to.

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