Sunday, April 22, 2012

New York Day: 2

Well to start out a great day our clock/radio went off at 12:30am.  We couldn’t figure out how to turn it off so we just unplugged it.  The real wake up call was at 7am.  Which meant I slept in ten more minutes.  Somehow I got ready way fast so I just kind of chilled on the bed.  We met in the lobby at 8:15 and walked to the subway.  Desi and I figured it out pretty quick since we had used the tube so much in London.  I had no idea where we were going for church but then I saw a big white building with an angel Moroni on top!  We had church in the Manhattan Temple!!  So cool! 
It was a way pretty morning rainy morning, but I loved it because it smelled fresh and everything seemed cleaner than yesterday.  Desi and I decided there was no better place to fill up our water than the temple drinking fountains, that water has to be clean.
There was this cute little boy on the row in front of us and he was showing me his key and quarter.  Then is mom asked if he wanted to see his friends and as they were walking away he called back to me, “I’ll be right back!”  It was way funny and cute.  Sacrament meeting was really good.  Two of the speakers talked about the scriptures and the word of God and a family sang the As Sisters in Zion/Army of Helaman medley.  They we were really good.  Austin Boaz was the concluding speaker.  The whole time I thought he looked familiar and then he got up and talked about himself and then I knew!  I talked to him after; of course he didn’t remember me because I was a little tike when he was friends with Ryan.  But I just said I was from Murrieta and Ryan was my brother.  I gave him the scoop on what’s going on with Ryan and then headed off for Sunday school and Relief Society.
After church we met with our tour guide and took the Subway/walked to the ferry.  On the ferry we went past the Statue of Liberty, which is on Liberty Island, and headed for Ellis Island.  We went into the museum at Ellis Island; before we looked around we went to the cafeteria to eat lunch.  I tried to order a turkey burger (I don’t really know why I didn’t just go for a normal one, maybe I was trying to be healthy), but instead of getting a turkey burger I ended up with a veggie burger.  I didn’t realize until after I bite into it.   Pretty disgusting!  They gave me vegetables to put on the veggie burger (I don’t know why you would need more veggies on veggies, but oh well) I had to finish my burger by eating French fries with every bite.  I was telling the girls I was sitting with that I had never had a veggie burger before and would never order one because I don’t even like vegetables that much.  But I had to eat it or I would get hungry later.  After lunch we looked around the museum.  It was pretty cool.  I tried to find the book of names to find my ancestors but couldn’t.  Thank goodness for the gift shop though because they had a book of names and I found mine!  I also did this interactive game there were you choose a character and immigrate.  I was a little 6-year-old named Alice (yes the game was for kids) and I was coming from the UK.  I had to label stuff and everything and sadly I got deported.  I didn’t pass the mental test because I couldn’t rotate and place different size rectangles in a square in 30 seconds.  I could see how to do it, it just took me a little to figure out how to rotate them.  Dr. Baugh said that I need not worry since I go to BYU I definitely would have passed the test.  Then Dr. Burnham was like well…. hahahaha I love Dr. Baugh and Dr. Burnham; they are so funny, especially together.  We got back on the ferry and then went to the 9/11 memorials.  It was 2 huge pools of water/fountains that were the size of the towers and deep too.  They had all the names of the people who died on the walls.  It was way pretty and calm.  Since it was way rainy we decided to be done sightseeing for the day, which was okay with me.  I was dressed pretty warm and wearing boots, but I didn’t bring an umbrella so sometimes I shared with Desi.  So I was pretty wet, but the rain made my hair curlier than it has ever been!  After the subway ride home we went up to our room to chill a little/dry off before dinner.  I just laid on the bed trying to decide if I should change.  I didn’t really bring any clothes besides business clothes and 1 pair of jeans (which may be getting a lot more wear than I thought).  Also I forgot to pack socks besides long socks and tights.  Ooops.  That is why it is important to not pack the night before.  I guess I have a little shopping to do tomorrow. 
Well we changed and headed out into the rain again for John’s Pizzeria.  Our tour guide told us it was the best in New York.  It was like a way nice restaurant selling pizza, which I like!  Hahaha The pizza really was way good!  I was skeptical at first but you can taste a difference in a well-made fresh pizza vs. others.  I liked it a lot.  The guy tried to convince us to eat dessert and not go out in the rain but we didn’t.  Now we are back at the hotel getting ready for bed and chilling.  Going to bed early tonight since we have a busy day tomorrow, well everyday is busy. 

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